Proaim DSLR kit-11 shoulder rig + follow focus + mattebox

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Proaim DSLR kit-11 shoulder rig + follow focus + mattebox

The DSLR Kit-11 has specially been made to meet the requirements of the DSLR users at a minimum budget and at minimum complexity of the product. The DSLR Kit-11 is very lightweight and professional that enables the DSLR users to do long time shooting without getting fatigue. This kit comes with shoulde mount DSLR RIG-120, Follow Focus V1, Mattebox MB-600

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DSL Rig-120 Features :

  • Its counter-weight distributes the weight and allows you to do the shooting for a long time without getting fatigue
  • The 15mm Straight Bracket allows the user to use the camera off-center so as to bring the camera on the eye level to use eye-piece.
  • The Whole Rig can be mounted on the Tripod with the help of tripod mounting plate provided with this kit
  • The Telescopic handles with rubber gripping gives the complete rest to hands while shooting
  • The Shoulder pad makes the operator's shoulder stressfree while shooing
  • There is height riser that allows the camera to adjust at desired height
  • The camera mounting plate has horizontal adjustment.
  • The 15mm parts of the shoulder mount can be adjusted anywhere on the 15mm rods
  • The silver knobs allws quick attachment of 15mm parts....

Follow Focus V1 Features :

  • Completely gear driven design for slip-free and accurate movement.
  • Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter.
  • Adjustable locking system.
  • Mounts onto 15 mm Rod Support (60mm center to center difference).
  • Allows extremely focusing lenses to be geared and used with follow focus industry standard 0.8 module.
  • Fits most lenses with proper focus gear drive (Interchangeable gear drives (currently shipping 0.8/2.51mm pitch).

Mattebox MB-600 Features :

  • This Mattebox has two 4"x4" filter holders; perfect for polarizers and combination of square filters.
  • Rotating filter holder enables user to eject or instal square filter without disturbing microphone or flash settings.
  • FRONT ADJUSTER : Front Adjuster attaches mattebox to the 15mm rods. The front adjuster is made of metal. It is designed with quick lock mechanism.
  • FOAM DONUT RINGS : Mattebox MB-600 attaches to the cameras in such a way that only a soft foam cussioned lens ring (DONUT) contacts lens barrel, so you don't have to worry about your lens during the bumps and grinds of capturing exciting footage.
  • MB-600 Mattebox includes five donut with inner diameter 81mm, 78mm, 75mm, 65mm, 54mm. The outer Dia of this matte box is 95mm.
  • This Mattebox comes with both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio format so that this mattebox can be used with both normal as well as wide angle lenses. 4:3 and 16:9 ratio mask can easily be attached or diattached with four small screws in the front of the mattebox.

The DSL Rig-120 comparises of the following parts1x 15mm Shoulder Pad

  • 1x Counter weight with one 15mm weight clamp
  • 1x 15mm Straight Bracket
  • 1x 15mm camera mounting plate
  • 1x 15mm tripod mounting plate
  • 1x 15mm height riser
  • 1x 15mm supporting rod adapter
  • 2x 15mm Junction Rod Adapters
  • 2x 15mm Telescopic Handles
  • 5pc of 15mm silver alluminum rods 300mm long with female thread
  • 2pc of 15mm silver alluminum rods 100mm long with female thread

Mattebox MB-600 Comparises of the following parts :

  • Matte box with 4:3 & 16:9 format masks
  • French Flag
  • Set of Side Flags
  • 2pc of 4x4 Filter Tray Holders
  • 5pc of Donut Rings
  • Front Adjuster - Plastic
  • Front/Height Adjuster - Metal

Follow Focus Comparises of following parts :

  • Complete unit with fixed Hand Wheel.
  • Marking disc.
  • 15" Long Whip
  • Speed Crank
  • Set of six Focusing Rings.


  • Gear Arm adjustable distance : 55 mm
  • Construction (Follow Focus : Aluminum Black Anodized.
  • Dial Index Adjustment : 360o
  • Dial Outside Diameter : 75 mm (of white wheel)
  • Fit Rail Dia : 15 mm
  • Fit Rail Distance : 60 mm & 104mm
  • Dimensions : 175(L) 125(H) 110(W)
  • Exchangeable Gear Drive for : Fujinon/Canon/Kinor
  • Gear Wt. : 30 gms
  • Follow Focus Wt. : 290 gms
  • Wt with packing : 2.00 Kgs
  • Gear Dia : 33 mm

Specificaties Proaim DSLR kit-11 shoulder rig + follow focus + mattebox

Artikelnummer 100014987
EAN barcode 2000000002521
Merk ProAim
In de doos -
Gewichtstoeslag n.v.t. op dit product
Fabrikant -
Model Schouder
Grip type Dubbele grip
Uitgevoerd met Contra gewicht, Follow Focus, Matte Box
Garantie 1 jaar fabrieksgarantie

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Het lijkt het professioneel en dat is het ook maar voor een lage prijs. Dit schouderstatief is eigenlijk het beste voor jonge film/reportage makers maar voor andere mensen natuurlijk ook.
Dt product is super
(Geplaatst op 04-05-2013)
Deze video is afkomstig van externe websites zoals Youtube en Vimeo. Deze video's zijn bedoeld om dit product nader uit te leggen en u te helpen bij je aankoopbeslissing. Doordat wij geen controle hebben over de inhoud van deze video's en producten tussentijds kunnen wijzigen, kan je aan deze video's geen rechten ontlenen.



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