Proaim 14ft jib arm camera crane + stand

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Proaim 14ft jib arm camera crane + stand

Considering the need of film productions, we have designed an awesome and incredible JIB CAMERA CRANE with unbeatable high-end quality and technicalities. This Jib allows you to produce high quality film through its huge set of features i.e. the Panning and Tilting movements of the Jib Arm allows you to take every kind of shots.

The Unbeatable Featured Quality of our Jib Arm made of three RIBBED SECTION that makes it stronger to bear the weight of heavy cameras weighing upto 15 lbs without any jerks. It has Adjustment Metal Wire System that makes the Jib Arm Stable, smooth without bend and jerks. This is really an ideal solution for all of the start up, low budget film-makers and production companies. You no longer need to spend thousands on a track & dolly, jib-arm etc. Not when you can buy this complete package for less than 1000 euros

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You can create an awe-inspired footage from a variety of angles with this Jib. This Film Equipment is a Super Smooth linkage system you will never get any binding, jerking or slippage while operating this jib crane.

The PROAIM 14' Jib will perfectly work with our PROAIM Pan Tilt Head also with the weight upto 10lbs

Camera weighing Capacity of Jib : up to 15 lbs

What's Included :


(weights, camera, pan head nog included!)



  • Fully Ribbed Section Makes the Jib Stronger to bear the camera weight upto 6.8kg/15 lbs
  • Adjustment Metal Wire System that can bear the weight of dv/hdv heavy cameras without any bending problem This feature makes our PROAIM 14' Jib Arm very stable and rock-hard.
  • Tilting movements achieved with the controlling handle.
  • Triple Arm Section for maximum stability and minimum wobble.
  • Jib comes complete with own stand - very useful as no expensive sturdy tripod is needed!
  • Stronger weight bar to easily achieve perfect balance
  • Uses standard household style exercise weights. (1 inch hole)
  • Fixed camera angle achieved while controlling handle is locked with a Pin.
  • Breaks down into four easily transported sections
  • Triangular boom for increased strength
  • The Mounting Arm for LCD Monitor comes with this Jib.
  • Easily attached to the Jib Stand
  • Length of Jib : 13.6' (ca. 4.6m)
  • Height Range from ground level 13.5' while tripod adjusted at height range of 5'
  • All aluminum construction
  • Portable and very easy to carry
  • Can be assembled by one person without any fuss in a matter of minutes
  • Weight of Jib Itself : 9.5kg/21 lbs
  • Weight of Jib Stand : 4.5kg/10 lbs


  • Accomodates heavy duty Jibs
  • Portable and very easy to carry
  • Very useful for Jibs Mounting
  • Lightweight, compact, and sturdy
  • Quick set-up and breakdown design
  • Extremly Portable
  • Non-slip feet
  • Scratch-Resistant Finish
  • Portable-legs fold for transporting
  • Sophisticated knobs
  • Magnificent design
  • Easily collapsable

Specificaties Proaim 14ft jib arm camera crane + stand

Artikelnummer 100015540
EAN barcode 2000000004198
Merk ProAim
In de doos -
Gewichtstoeslag ja
Fabrikant dvc17610
Garantie 2 jaar fabrieksgarantie
Max hoogte ≥ 200cm
Hoogte_ingeschoven nvt
Draagvermogen 6 t/m 10kg
Materiaal aluminium

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